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Medice, cura te ipsum

Whatever it takes

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Critical acclaim for and disapproval of essius:

You can be so childish in such an adult way.

You describe things in details that are annoying and boring.

Now this bunch of intellectual posturing makes me want to puke.

I have a syntactical question. If person S decides to present a relatively simple inquiry n in the most garrulous manner possible, using italicized mathematical variables x, for reason 0, and his blog (let us assume that it’s a LiveJournal, and let us call the account ‘E’) has already been deemed thoroughly grandiloquent by some, will anyone be interested in replying? And if so, how many of those would agree that the most ornate choice is not always the most intelligent sounding?

Hey, may I ask you, do you really talk the way you type? Because if you did that would be so cool!!!
—Lauren Ann

I love how eloquent you always are. I never get tired of reading your words.

I still think you are shy. But when you talk you are pretty insightful.
—Lesley B.

I wish we could have spent time together in a “workshop” environment and really taken a long, careful look at your stuff. I’m inspired to pick up a pen and dust off my journals! I am very excited to see you taking your gift & your craft so seriously. Your discipline and thoughtful reflection will pay off big. Please Please Please find a group of writers to share stuff with regularly and don’t ever stop writing.
—Mr. Webster, former English teacher at Bella Vista High School

Well, I really enjoyed your poetry, you are a very talented writer!! Please send more if you would. I enjoy reading it.

You make verbose and empty arguments that are incredibly self-serving and convenient. It’s very frustrating to speak to you because of it.

What is manifest my dear Stephen is that you are very close-minded. Definitely not the mark of an intellectual. More of a pseudo-intellectual I would say. Or perhaps I am just being presumptuous again.

You just don’t make a lick of sense, do you?

He’s wrong about a lot, but he can usually argue fairly reasonably.

I don’t deal with nonsense kindly and you’re simply full of nonsense. Then again, the UoST is known for pumping out annoying cranks. Should I blame you or your education, I wonder?

I don’t intentionally seek out nonsense. I get enough of it unintentionally.

Your response is both brilliant and well-spoken.

The inability to form decisions based on evidence is symptomatic of several psychological and psychiatric disorders. You should have yourself checked out.

I don’t understand why you feel the need to correct everyone and everything…really you should have that looked at by a doctor. Nobody likes somebody that thinks they’re right all the time.

I’ve had my fill with essius.

He doesn’t like me because I think he’s an insufferable windbag with an appallingly poor grasp of theology and philosophy.

I don’t find essius very interesting. He’s a smart guy, but I think gerbilsage’s accusation that he’s a windbag kind of sticks.

I’ve always gotten sort of a “sophisticated Ned Flanders” vibe from essius.

I have respected you far too long than you have deserved, for you have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. The only thing I could remotely bring myself to respect you for is that you are a stubborn son of a bitch—but that will be your downfall. Not mine. I take responsibility for my actions and my inactions—you do not. That is our difference.

Dude, you suck. Just thought I’d let you know.... Nah, I’m just kiddin’, yer coo’. :D



It still bothers me that you say such stupid things.

You know, it really means a lot to me that you care so much. Thank you ^.^

I love how you often seem to disagree with things people state in your LJ even when they are agreeing with you. :P

I…have combed through this gentleman‘s LiveJournal. He certainly is a paradigm example of someone striving to be a Christian.

Sometimes you can come off as really Holier Than Thou, even though you don’t mean to.

You aren’t helping.

Something’s wrong with you Stephen. Don’t you get that?

There will NEVER be a time where you will believe what people say about you!

You made a good critique of amor fati.
—the late travellingzinda

I rarely have the opportunity to engage these questions with a student of your sophistication.
—Robert Platzner, CSUS professor of Humanities and Religious Studies

You are revolutionary in mind and thought. A gem among pebbles and rocks.

In 38 years of teaching I don’t recall a single student with your passion for truth and spiritual/intellectual completion. You have my utmost respect and my love. The 26 page paper with 54 footnotes and a 27-item bibliography on Krishnamurti was a masterpiece I would expect only from advanced Ph.D. students. Thank you so much for sharing it with your classmates.
—David Long, CSUS Philosophy Professor Emeritus

Why the hell would I drive 11 hours?
—Lydia (after driving 11 hours)

Hey, you’re pretty hot! If you weren’t a self-deceived shitty Christian, we could totally go out!


It’s just hard to dispute that someone obsessed with Kierkegaard to this degree is interesting.

You don’t seem to realize how much shit he [neiana] talks behind your back.

And when I say others think something, it is NOT simply because I THINK IT!!! How many times do I have to tell you THAT OTHER PEOPLE AGREE!!

SCS is certainly controversial.

That has got to be the funkiest apology I’ve heard.

Knowing essius, this is quite a sincere apology. Frank, blunt and honest.

From what I can see, you seem like a very intelligent, forthright and idealistic young man. With a cheeky streak. (That’s important.) Why on earth would anyone not want to spend time with you, huh? :)

Even without surrender you are so different in the way you are in the universe that you are going to have a hard time fitting in any academic environment. You’re a heretic, Stephen. They still burn them, though the flame is not so manifest.
—David Long

Oh man, I can’t get over you.…You are so unique, and your mind can’t even be expressed here or there or in the air, I believe it’s too grand to be confined to the barriers of LJ.…Who types like you? Nobody I know! You are so beautiful to me, Stephen.

I’ve never talked to anyone who’s as earnest as I am—it’s actually kind of disorienting.

Hey...smart AND humble, excellent!

You know what I meant! I knew you would twist it into something like that. I will not let you psychoanalyze me.

Why!!!? You are an evil, sick, twisted… uh, twisted… errr…

I am always interested in your random crap…

Stephen, I just wanna continue to encourage you, b/c I think that you’ve done the right, Christian, thing here. You haven’t wavered in your faith and your dedication to Holy Scripture, and I admire that.

Your entries are way to smart to comment on 90% of the time. :(

I do not mean to be flippant there. I am being sincere. You are so very overconcerned, so stilted, that you are tripping yourself up.

Are you secretly a good philosopher in real life, Beth, or are your teachers just too polite to tell you the truth, preferring instead to take your money in exchange for good grades and a degree? Outside of one of these options, I can’t imagine how you survive in a graduate program.

“You’re argumentative. And stiff.”
“Prithee, I am not I say! Fie on you! A pox! I demand citations!”

You have no skill in debate. Every soul you come across on every community thinks you’re an irritating charlatan. Because of this, the only way you can get support in a debate is by creating a sockpuppet account to agree with you. And you utterly suck at doing philosophy.

essius is incapable of seeing his own behavior through other people’s eyes.

Stupidity is when a person repeatedly sacrifices their own energy for no gain. If your approach is not working, try changing it. Of course, you won’t change your approach because you are far too convinced of your own righteousness.

I find you annoying—like the guy who asks about Schopenhauer in a Plato class and about Hegel in an analytic philosophy of language class. You lack maturity and discipline. You seem to have the potential to be smart, but you are working too hard at the playing the part rather than being the part.

Dammit, I will give you this: I find you interesting enough that I keep replying to you don’t I now?

You seem like a good egg.

As I said, you cannot buy sushi grade fish in a supermarket—or any market for that matter. You have to have connections.

…crazy, obsessed freak who’s completely in love with livejournal.

You are way too wrapped up in LJ…

You’re pretty badass.

I am frustrated with you.

I’ll admit that essius is pretty sharp too, and has a truly intimidating vocabulary. But just between you and me and the peanut gallery: does he always know what he’s talking about any more than I do?

Stephen is going on tangents talking (mostly) to himself.

I like you more and more as a person, even when I disagree with you.

Stephen is very distracting (to at least me, perhaps also to many others?) when he says everything about everything when responding to a very constrained topic, in this case “biblical repentance,” because, while I understand the drive, perhaps need, to take notes and record ones perspective in such matters, I have a “notes-by-proxy” file on my computer where I write down all such things as Stephen writes for everyone to see, so that those without a highly disciplined sense of patience have a decent chance of actually communicating with me before walking off in frustration, which many people very, very often already do anyway in my life, even professing Christians who originally entered into the conversation that they might “help me.”

I will not pay you not to fuck up your life.
—Sarah Denise

Stephen is frustrated because Stephen thinks he’s cool.

You have the most ridiculous info page I’ve ever seen.

You’re weird.

I’m not a pistachio? What? Well, you’re a yummy blueberry, and I’m going to eat you. ;)

essius is out to prove some alternate version of Poe’s Law in that what he believes is often indistinguishable from satire or even things written by a random postmodern essay generator (refresh that page a few times for full effect).

You are a good person. A bit romantically and perhaps emotionally immature, it seems, but very nice.

I wish I could fucking break your face.

WHY?! *cries* You’re so evil!

You so inspire me.

Also Stephen I’m in love with you.

I hate you so much Stephen.

You really shouldn’t try to be funny. You always fail miserably.

Oh shit why are you so funny I hate you.

essius has been banned [from antitheism] for [making clear what an unfair tyrant I am]. He was warned, but give anyone enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

I don’t know why you’re even talking to that crazy guy. I certainly wouldn’t bother.
springsign, wife of rpeate

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, Stephen, I have to hand it to you. That was pretty hilarious. I especially liked the one about paranoid schizophrenia. That was gold.
moosehead_beer concerning fun times in antitheism

Damn, kid, I think you needs to get yourself a hobby.

essius might actually be cool if he wasn’t such a drama queen.

Fucking ginger!!!!

I find you more intelligent than most men.

As an aside, you always take the longest to catch up on reading....

Your ideas would be much clearer in general if you used less words, and that’s worth doing because your ideas are good.

Your footnotes (or asterisks) in your entries are amusing (in a good way).

I wish your mother aborted you.

I’ve really loved coming to know you these past 2 years. Your intelligence and humor adds so greatly to our group.

You’re such a fucking professor.

Lol, how do I know you won’t turn me into a newt! It’s a definite possibility!

Don’t get me wrong on an interpersonal level I love you and consider you my friend. But as a philosopher I consider you the perfect example of what I hope not to be: the impotent objective Christian philosopher who uses jargon to smote people who gets into petty arguments over aesthetics and has a piss poor grasp of real life and has probably learned everything he knows from books.

I think you covered all the bases and have a really good argument. I’m proud of you.

Come on, man. You know you’re brilliant.

Dr. Sparks, I cannot explain how you make me feel—it’s somewhere between wanting to die and wanting to hug you. Knowing you in real life (as opposed to fake, internet-life) and reading your journal entries is too much.

You’re so bizarre! I love you…

You try to find extremely potent short provocations. It is a Socratic gesture I appreciate. You also make a thorough commitment to the question at hand when extended discourse has already been indicated. A nice point of politeness. And you sometimes make a pithy reply very well indeed.

And finally, some aphorisms:

If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say: ‘He obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned’.
—Epictetus, Enchiridion

When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.
—attributed to Nietzsche

Sure he that made us with such large discourse,
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability and godlike reason
To fust in us unused.
—Shakespeare, Hamlet, IV. iv. 36-9

The more serious the face, the more beautiful the smile.

The happiest conversation is that of which nothing is distinctly remembered but a general effect of pleasing impression.
—Samuel Johnson

If I love you, what business is that of yours?
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe